Petty Post on Charity Spreading #Love & #Money


I have Max La Rossa the opportunity to fly on a jet and meet with current and former cast members on the TV Series Money & Violence Max Mill “Antonio” and Jamel White “Fresh”¬† take a Citation X Jet with TV Producer and Music Label Executive Mahvrick, Richard Mahee.¬†Richard is working on a Major a star studded Charity Pre-Oscar Event #Unite4Humanity on February 23rd, which is also planning a post party with well-known music performers and celebrities. Mahvrick (@Mahvrick) flies private 3-4 times a week (over 100 times a year) and is often seen taking a helicopter from the jet to get to client meetings.

I am interviewing the Money & Violence guys, but Mahvrick is meeting with “Antonio” and “Fresh” about a new production deal under his umbrella. Mahvrick who produced “KnockOut” on FUSE has raised money for two other shows on national TV Networks. The new venture is called “Love&Money” the opposite of Money&Violence,” says Richard Mahee, Mahvrick.

Mahvrick on M12 Jet

More to come…